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Bloom 1 Compo 1 Ltr

Bloom 1 Compo 1 Ltr

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Our 1 Compo Bloom base feed that supplies all seventeen necessary elements during the bloom phase. The 1 Compo. Bloom is 100% soluble and increases protein production, cell elongation, nutrient transportation, enhances energy creation and stimulates flower forming. The 1 Compo Bloom is suited for hydroponics, soil and coco substrates.. It contains high concentrations of magnesium, phosphorous, trace elements, potassium and sulfur. When using reversed osmosis, use our CalMag to increase calcium and magnesium levels. The strong concentrations allow for 4 - 6.5 ml per liter or 16 - 27 ml per gallon. The product is manufactured in the Netherlands under strict quality control processes. Are you looking for an extraordinary 1 Compo Bloom base feed? 1 Compo Bloom Base Feed is your product. Make Growing Simple Again.

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