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BuildASoil Base Blend Recipe

BuildASoil Base Blend Recipe

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This is BuildASoil's Base Blend Recipe.

Gentle, Balanced and Affordable.

-Use "as is" or mix in your favorite nutrients

You asked for it so we made it!

This potting soil is the perfect affordable soil for almost any purpose.

Use it for houseplants, vegetable, seedlings, really anything! It works for everything because it's so low on sodium, chloride, and bicarbonates and the PH is balanced enough that most all plants will love it.

Many growers really want to mix their own super soil and need a good base potting soil to start with. This allows any grower to use their favorite amendments to make their own premium soil.

Alternatively this soil is also perfect for people that use organic nutrients or hydro style and want to use a good base potting soil to start with.

Whatever you use it for, it's cost effective and made from the best stuff. All ingredients have been tested for heavy metals and we are proud of this base recipe.

Check out the ingredients and the sample soil test in the photos.


1. Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss

2. Pumice 3/8" x 1/4"

3. Rice Hulls

4. Mustard Seed Meal

5. BuildASoil #1 Worm Castings

That's it! You add the rest or just use as is.

We recommend adding 2-4 cups of Craft Blend per cubic foot to make a super soil or you can make your own recipe up.

We recommend adding 1-2 cups organic amendments per cubic foot along with 2-4 cups of rock dust and minerals per cubic foot of soil.

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