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Intelligent Growing Systems (Plug & Grow )

CO2/RH/Temp Controller Day/Night Settings, 6 Equipment

CO2/RH/Temp Controller Day/Night Settings, 6 Equipment

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One simple controller to manage ALL of your indoor garden's climate parameters!

The iGS-221 can operate the intake and exhaust fans cyclically to replenish the garden's atmosphere in oxygen as it is needed for the plants and for safe CO2 combustion generator operation.

When a CO2 combustion generator (propane or natural gas) is used to raise the CO2 level, ventilation for at least 2 to 5 minutes is mandatory to replenish the oxygen supply required by the generator's combustion. Insufficient oxygen supply in the garden's atmosphere allows accumulation of carbon monoxide, which is toxic to humans, and ethylene, which is toxic to plants.

- Intelligently manages 6 actions: CO2 enrichment, venting, humidifying, dehumidifying, heating and cooling
- Prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence; allowing the plants to keep their stoma opened for optimal CO2 absorption
- Feeds up to 45 amps of controlled equipments (110-120V; 3 separate circuits needed)
- Provides automatic differential for precise CO2 concentration control
- Ready to use—just adjust your set points
- Offers a 24-hour log to know your garden's conditions


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