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Wild Valley Farms

Premium Compost 1.5 cuft

Premium Compost 1.5 cuft

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Woodscape Compost benefits

  • Helps soils retain moisture  
  • Adds the full range of nutrients not just the big three (NPK){Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Boron, Zinc, Copper, Iron}
  • NPK is N=30lbs per ton P=34lbs per ton K= 12lbs per ton
  • A true compost so it will not burn your plants from high salts or unbalance your pH like manure (pH=6.1)
  • No need to add lime like with commercial fertilizer. (saving you money!)
  • Compost is a slow release fertilizer so nutrients are available all year long not just for six weeks like commercial fertilizer
  • Screened through a 1/4 inch screen so no trash, big rocks, or other garbage 
  • All Natural, Organic, and Local 
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