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Grow Soil 20 Ltr RO/SO Water A

Grow Soil 20 Ltr RO/SO Water A

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Our Grow RO/SO base feed supplies all seventeen necessary elements during the grow phase. The A Grow Soil RO/SO is 100% soluble and increases protein production, cell elongation and nutrient transport. Our A Grow Soil is specifically made for soil substrates. The RO/SO version is ideal for soft water regions or reversed osmosis water. It contains calcium, iron, nitrogen and potassium and requires the B Grow Soil RO/SO to offer all nutrients needed. The strong concentrations allow for 2.5 - 3.5 ml per liter or 9.4 - 13.1 ml per gallon. The product is manufactured in the Netherlands under strict quality control processes. Are you looking for the top of the line grow base feed? A Grow Soil RO/SO is your product. Make Growing Simple Again.

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