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Just For Coir, Bloom Part B, 0-5-3, QT

Just For Coir, Bloom Part B, 0-5-3, QT

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Earth Juice “Just For Coir” Bloom is a Next Generation Professional 2 Part, Part A & B, Hydroponic Specialty Plant Food specifically developed for use with all grades of Coconut Coir and Coir-based media (soils).

Just For Coir has been meticulously developed to improved and maximize the performance of plants growing in coir and coir based media.

Just For Coir Bloom A & B combined will encourage the profusion of buds and blooms and promote the robust development of fragrances and essential oils of plants growing in coir.

The bottles come with easy to follow directions and feeding charts in English, Spanish and French.

The 2 parts, A& B, are required to produce a complete coir-hydroponic feeding solution.
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