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Slucket 12 Site Posiflow 2ft center

Slucket 12 Site Posiflow 2ft center

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The Posiflow Complete System by Slucket

The posiflow by Slucket® RDWC system combines Positive Flow Technology with fully drainable Slucket modules. It is the only recirculating deep water culture hydroponic system to independently feed each growth module at the same time. The Posiflow utilizes positive water pressure to recirculate highly oxygenated nutrient solution through the plant's root zone through its Slucket® Manifold. The Posiflow's Return Manifold circulates nutrient solution back to Slucket Control Module to recirculate, and this positive flow motion supercharges the nutrients with dissolved oxygen, creating conditions perfect for explosive plant growth.


  • 12 Slucket® Growth Modules
  • 1 Slucket® Control Module
  • 12 Slucket® Growth Lids (8" Net Pot Opening)
  • 1 Slucket® Control Lid
  • 3" Return Manifold including T-Fit Bulkhead
  • 1" Slucket® Manifold
  • 1" Pump Manifold
  • 3" T-Rubber with Clamps
  • 3/4" 90° PVC Elbow w/ Barb Fittings (13)
  • 3/4" Black Poly Line
  • Danner Mag-Drive® 1800 Water Pump
  • Pondmaster® AP-100 Air Pump

Number of Rows: 2

Number of Growth Sites: 12

Plant Spacing & Module Size: 24"/10 Gallon


System Footprint: 13' x 4' or 14' x 5'

Total System Volume (gallons): 130

Air Pump Size (LPM): 100

Water Pump Size: (GPH): 1800

Customers do NOT have to glue or cut any pieces. Just follow the simple instructions to assemble the Posiflow by Slucket® system. We recommend adding your choice of these containers to complete the system: HG9RDBK, HG8MESHPOT, or HG8RDBK

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