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Moonlight Garden Supply is Utah's number one supplier for your hydroponic & outdoor gardening needs. We focus on helping our community maximize the efficiency of their gardens while ensuring healthy and sustainable gardening practices that are as good for the environment as they are for you. For this reason, we offer hydroponic solutions and aquaponic systems that will help you navigate, as well as create, maintain, or improve your hydroponic systems.

At Moonlight Garden Supply, we are firm believers that we will be the best local supply center you can find. Our staff is experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of growing techniques and always available to answer questions in store or by phone. Whether you have a new grasp of the basics or have mastered the more exciting aspects of indoor gardening and hydroponics, we can provide the essentials to give your soil or hydroponic systems the boost they need to provide your plants with the most productive growing environment possible.

In addition to our indoor and hydroponic gardening supplies, we also provide a wide selection of outdoor gardening supplies to ensure that every garden has exactly what it needs to be successful. Whether you're starting your garden for the very first time or replanting your outdoor garden for another successful growing season, we have the seeds, garden accessories, and plant care know how you need.