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Active Air

Active Air Commercial 200 Pint Humidifier

Active Air Commercial 200 Pint Humidifier

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If you live somewhere with cold, dry air, you know that parched skin and a raspy throat usually come with the territory. In very low humidity conditions the photosynthetic process within the plant slows and this leads to stress, slow growth and compromised yield. Don’t let your plants suffer any longer! The Active Air 200 PPD Humidifier features a multi-directional fogging head and direct water connection. This premium humidifier features an industrial grade motor for many years of use. 

  • Connects directly to your water supply (uses 1/4" tubing)
  • Ultra-Fine Mist - up to 200 pints per day output
  • Multi-directional fogging head
  • Industrial-grade motor
  • Coverage up to 1614 sq. ft
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