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Active Aqua

Active Aqua 2.0 Low Rise Tray

Active Aqua 2.0 Low Rise Tray

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The Active Aqua 2.0 Low Rise OD Trays are designed to maximize the internal footprint allowing you to get the most out of your space. Manufactured in Canada with the highest quality standards these trays will get you to the harvest you’ve been dreaming of. Perfect for top feed and ebb/flow irrigation. Made of (HIPS) food-safe high impact polystyrene. Low heat, stain, and chemical resistant.

2.0 Low Rise OD tray sizes:  2x4’ / 2x8’ / 3x6’ / 4x4’ / 4x8’ 

• Low profile side wall
• Suits all growing styles
• Easy clean pattern
• Rigid and durable design
• High quality plastic (HIPS)
• Maximized internal grow space
• Customize drain locations

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