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Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients Shrum Box/Bag

Advanced Nutrients Shrum Box/Bag

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As long as the room temperature stays in the 70s, you can put your Shrüm bag in a filthy auto garage...

And you’ll STILL succeed.

What’s more, we’ve created a unique optimized blend of grain and substrate that enables rapid colonization of mycelium, leading to faster fruiting.

So instead of waiting 2 months to enjoy the fruits of your labor... You’ll have robust, fully grown mushrooms in just a few weeks.

We’ve Done All the Hard Work and Heavy Lifting for You

Because you shouldn’t have to waste hours studying...

Endure countless inevitable failures...
And pull your hair out trying to sterilize grain in a pressure cooker and deal with the messy nightmare of mixing soil...

To enjoy the magical benefits that mushrooms provide.
All you need to do is inject the culture (you provide) into the bag,

stick it on the shelf, maintain the right temperature range...
... and before you know it, you’ll be mesmerized by the

bodies bursting right there in front of you.
And within a few weeks, your mushrooms will be ready to whisk

you off to the magic kingdom. (:

It Couldn’t Be Simpler

Now, if you think back to the beginning of the computer industry, you may remember that only a handful of tech-savvy experts were able to navigate those clunky machines.

Today, the world of mushrooms sits at the same critical crossroads.

Mushrooms possess tremendous benefits for those who consume them...

But only a select few can successfully cultivate them.
And the same way Steve Job’s
extreme religious devotion to

simplicity made computers something anyone could enjoy... Our groundbreaking approach to growing makes it possible to

experience the benefits of mushrooms... WITHOUT any of the challenges.

We’ve made it so simple, anyone can easily grow high-quality mushrooms at home in just a few weeks for a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.

Plus, we guarantee you’ll harvest fruit or we’ll give you 100% of your money back.

And, if you’re an overachiever, you can even rehydrate your bag and get 2-3 additional harvests.

So you can see why offering the Shrüm All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag in your store is a no-brainer.

The bottom line is this...
Hundreds of thousands of cannabis growers want to get into

mushroom growing.

And now you can offer them the ultimate, braindead simple solution.

To start offering Shrüm to your customers, so you can take advantage of the emerging mushroom industry and add an extra revenue stream to your store, contact your Advanced Nutrients representative today.

To your success, BigMike

Attention Hydroponic

Store Owners:
New Revenue Stream — Mushrooms

From the Desk of BigMike
Founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients

Dear Grow Store Owner,

With the help of the world’s top mycology experts, I recently developed what will be a massive revenue stream for your store — a mushroom grow bag that is so easy, if you can tie your shoes, you can grow over an ounce of mushrooms on any shelf in your home.

Now, it’s no secret that mushrooms have skyrocketed in popularity.

People consume them for recreational, medicinal, and spiritual reasons.

New research pops up daily that confirms their ability to decrease depression and anxiety, help treat PTSD and drug addiction, and improve spiritual well-being and quality of life.

It’s easy to see why hundreds of thousands of cannabis growers want in on the mushroom movement.

And just like you can grow your own cannabis, you can grow your own mushrooms.

HOWEVER, growing quality mushrooms can be FAR more difficult than growing cannabis.

Pg. 5

In fact, almost everyone who attempts it fails... Myself included.

You see, it requires immense precision to create an environ- ment free of mold and bacteria, while giving your mushrooms everything they need to flourish.

The first time I tried growing them, ALL I ended up with was mold.

And I’m the guy who’s been growing cannabis since 1983, has overseen the cultivation of over a million cannabis plants, and introduced 53 innovations that forever changed the industry for growers and consumers alike.

My company, Advanced Nutrients, makes the top-selling cannabis fertilizer line in 111 countries. I’m a science geek who started reading Popular Mechanics when I was nine years old.

Yet, I tried to grow mushrooms and FAILED. And I’m not alone. The reality is, almost everyone who tries to cultivate

mushrooms fails.

Those who stick with it — and endure the painstaking process of getting it right — eventually succeed...

But make no mistake ...

Growing Cannabis Is Like Elementary-School Math Compared to the Intricacies of Mushroom Cultivation

You see, growing in tubs, the most common method mushroom growers use, takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to set up and maintain.

And your chances of initial success are virtually zero.
You’ll find yourself in an unrelenting war with mold and bacteria

you can’t even see ...

And those microorganisms will win, every time.

No wonder most growers who attempt it end up losing their tail and selling off their equipment for pennies on the dollar.

I knew there had to be an easier way.

So I sought out the top mushroom growers in the world and connected with the geniuses behind the largest, most profitable mushroom farms in the United States.

I assembled the A-Team of mushroom minds. We put our heads together and came up with ...

The Ultimate Solution ANYONE Can Use to Cultivate Mushrooms in Weeks

It’s called the Shrüm All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag.

And it makes growing quality mushrooms FAR easier than growing cannabis.

With this bag, growing quality mushrooms is as simple as ...

1) Inject your spores or liquid culture (not included) into the bag

2) Stick the bag on the shelf and wait a few weeks until fruits form and caps begin to open

3) Harvest And...

Growing With This Bag Will Cost Your Customers About 20% Of What They’d Pay For Mushrooms

That’s it!
So if they sell mushrooms, they could easily quadruple their money (a

400% ROI).
Instead of growing in a tub that you have to create and maintain, you

simply grow in our bag with ease.
Just Leave It on Your Shelf,

Wait a Few Weeks and Harvest

And the entire time you can sit back and relax, knowing you’ve protected your mushrooms from the relentless attacks of mold and bacteria.

Currently, the only other all-in-one grow bags available use a single filter patch to allow airflow while keeping the environment sterile.

But there’s a big problem with those...

These other bags don’t allow in enough air and will suffocate your mushrooms, significantly decreasing your yield.

And to make matters worse...

You need to deal with the mess of mixing soil and preparing grain.

The onus is on YOU to do all the hard work.

And even if you purchase another all-in-one bag, you’re not getting optimal grain and substrate for a dialed-in grow environment.

These nuances make growing mushrooms extremely difficult. The fact is...

With These Other Grow Methods, Most Cannabis Growers Will Only Experience Failure and Frustration

Which is why we created Shrüm, the All-in-One Mushroom Grow Bag...

... so anyone can grow premium quality mushrooms at home in less than a month.

You and your customers will love it. Because...

Shrüm Requires Almost No Effort on Your Part and, With Our Proprietary Substrate Blend, Is the ONLY Bag Available That Optimizes

Airflow While Maintaining Sterility

Now pay close attention, because this is important...

Unlike other bags on the market, Shrüm features multiple 0.2 micron filter strips across both sides of the bag, including a lower filter strip directly at the growing surface level.

This allows CO2 to escape...
So air can flow in and provide sufficient oxygen for your fruits. In other words...

Shrüm Provides Your Mushrooms With a Fortress Against Mold and Bacteria While Letting in the Fresh Air They Need to Thrive

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