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Anden / Aprilaire

Anden A95 MERV 11 filter Media

Anden A95 MERV 11 filter Media

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Anden 5771 - Replacement filter for Anden Dehumidifier Model A95

Anden dehumidifiers are designed for maximum growth. The 5771 Multi-Pleat 11 is produced with a highly specialized, dual layered 100% synthetic media, specifically for use in Anden dehumidifiers.
The Anden 5771 is composed of an upstream electrostatically enhanced layer (the E-Layer), and a downstream mechanical layer (the M-Layer). This replacement filter is easy to install, with no assembly or reinforcements to worry about. Protect your equipment for optimal performance.

• INCLUDES: (6) Replacement filters for ANDEN Dehumidifier Model: A95
• DIMENSIONS: 10 x 12 x 1
• MERV 11 Filter for Superior Equipment Protection 
• Upgraded protection from standard pleated filters
• High holding capacity
• Anden Dehumidifiers are designed with easy access for simple filter changes
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