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Bella Bora

Bella Bora Still Air Box

Bella Bora Still Air Box

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The Bella Bora Still Air Box creates a clean, contaminant-free space for mycology culture work with ample working room and easy clean-up/storage. The patented design is made with tested high-quality, durable materials that are scratch-resistant, waterproof, and bleach-safe for easy cleaning. High-visibility plastic and lightweight materials make it ideal for the home.

The Bella Bora Still Air Box is an essential and effective piece of equipment for mushroom teks involving mushroom spores, liquid culture, agar plates, and sterile inoculation. For the home cultivator, it is significantly more affordable and takes up much less space than a laminar flow hood for those interested in taking the next step in mycology. 

It is superior to the DIY plastic bin SABs, offering a larger workspace at 2ft L x 3ft W x 2 ft H, a convenient arm port design for better mobility and comfort, and side-loading zippers for easy prep. When finished, the Bella Bora Still Air Box can be neatly stored in the included case.

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