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Bluelab Connect Range Extender

Bluelab Connect Range Extender

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Get Connected. Improve crop performance and reduce errors with the power of data and remote monitoring. Receive wireless monitoring data from all Bluelab Connect devices to your computer and smartphone or tablet. Receive important push notifications on your mobile device so you can respond immediately to changes, support growing decisions and improve crop performance. Send wireless data 100m/330ft to and from Connect devices within the growing environment and up to 400m/1312ft in open space (line-of-sight). Only one Connectƒ?› Stick 2 required to receive wireless data from up to 50 Connectƒ?› devices.

Send Bluelab Connect wireless data further in large growing facilities and environments. Simply plug the Bluelab?? Connectƒ?› Range Extender 2 into a power supply between Bluelab?? Connectƒ?› devices and Bluelab?? Connectƒ?› Stick 1 or 2 to increase the wireless signal range. For extra-long distances, multiple Bluelab?? Connectƒ?› Range Extender 2s can be used. Increase the wireless range between Bluelab Connect devices and the computer by up to four times when Connect Range Extender 2 is paired with Connect Stick 2.

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