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Bluelab pH Pen

Bluelab pH Pen

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Measures pH and temperature. Selectable units for ?øC and ?øF. Backlit LCD display. Double junction probe (not replaceable). Successful calibration indicator. Hold reading function and low battery warning. Fully waterproof with auto off function. Automatic temperature compensation. Along with Bluelab pH Probe KCI Solution, Bluelab pH 7 and Bluelab pH 4 Solution Sachets are now included. Range: 0.0ƒ??14.0 pH/0ƒ??50?øC/32?øƒ??122?øF. Resolution: 0.1 pH/1?øC/1?øF. Accuracy @ 25?øC: ?ñ0.1 pH. Battery type: 1 x AAA alkaline.

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