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Bluelab PowerPod

Bluelab PowerPod

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The Bluelab?? PowerPodƒ?› is an electronically controlled mains switching box that is designed to activate mains powered equipment via control signals from a Bluelab?? controller. The Bluelab?? PowerPodƒ?› is ideal for use when using a Bluelab?? Pro Controllerƒ?› with third-party mains powered pumps, heaters and coolers for temperature control. Compatible with Bluelab?? Pro Controller and Bluelab?? Dosetronicƒ?› models. Adds temperature control to Bluelab?? Pro Controller and some Bluelab?? Dosetronicƒ?› models. It has 4 IEC main outputs with a 8.5 A maximum total output load. 100 V ƒ?? 240 V, 50/60 Hz compatible.

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