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BubbleBag Dude Bubble Bags, 4 bag extraction kit

BubbleBag Dude Bubble Bags, 4 bag extraction kit

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BUBBLEBAGDUDE Extraction Bags 1 Gallon 4 Bag Set Extraction Bag Kit with 10 x 10” (25 Micron) Pressing Screen and Storage Bag

  • WORLD FAMOUS EXTRACTION BAGS : BUBBLEBAGDUDE is known across the world for its high-quality filtration system

  •  1-GALLON 4-BAG SET – Our superior extraction bags 1 gallon 4-bag set is labeled and color-coded according to each micron size: 220, 120, 73 and 25 micron bags. Each bag set comes with a (10 x 10”) 25 micron pressing screen which is an essential part of the drying process, and a carrying bag for easy storage. Easily fit a 1-Gallon bucket.

  •  WRITTEN & VISUAL INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED – Our step-by-step instructions will help you achieve maximum yields even if you are a novice. We also provide a phone number that lets you speak to the BUBBLEBAGDUDE personally to answer any questions or solve any problems you have.

  •  OUR BAGS GIVE HUGE YIELDS – With 15 years of expertise and experience in the industry selling extraction bags and extraction machines, we have crafted and perfected our art to ensure you get the best quality extraction bags with the highest yields.

  •  ORDER NOW WITH CONFIDENCE! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE – Our product is made with durable and thick nylon fabric sidewalls paired with premium quality mesh. If you have any issues at all, please get in touch and we’ll endeavor to make sure you are fully satisfied.

BUBBLEBAGDUDE Extraction Bags 1 Gallon 4 Bag Set - Extraction Bag Extractor Kit - Comes with Pressing Screen and Storage Bag

  • 1 Gallon Extraction Bags Color Coded
  • 1 Gallon (4) Bags : Micron Sizes : 220,120,73 and 25
  • Comes with 25 micron pressing screen and storage bag


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