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BuildASoil Humidifier

BuildASoil Humidifier

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The BuildASoil Humidifier is the chosen one! 

Please inspect all packaging before tossing it. The directional spouts are nested in the packaging and easy to miss!

Our team thought long and hard about what the perfect humidifier for our needs in the smaller garden would look like, and we are now delivering you the result.

It had to have enough water volume to keep things consistent in the garden but not take up too much space. It also had to be easy to fill with water and have a humidistat built in to the unit. Beyond that it would be great if the fog discharged at a higher level rather than on the floor. 

We are happy to say that we have found a unit with all of this and more: 

  • 1.7 gallon capacity is enough to keep a grow tent happy for 24-48 hours.
  • Easily filled from the top with your water-can or bucket. (Our favorite feature)
  • Ideal discharge height with included extension nozzle
  • 360 degree dual directional mist feature allows fog direction control.
  • Permanent ceramic filter removes impurities & puts clean, pure moisture back into the air.
  • Digital led display allows you to control the mist output and adjust the humidistat.
  • Adjustable mist settings, timer, and included remote control.
  • Measures 10.4” W x 7.8” D x 34.1” H (with Extension Nozzle)
  • Extension nozzle measures 15" L
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