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Clean Roots 15" Plant Platform

Clean Roots 15" Plant Platform

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BloomBoss Clean Roots Platforms 

Developed by a master grower, these ingenious platforms are a simple solution for healthy roots, faster growth, and a cleaner harvest.

As plants grow, excess water, salts and nutrient byproducts build up in the bottoms of your containers. Not only does sitting in this muck prevent roots from getting sufficient oxygen, but harmful leftovers are reabsorbed, adversely impacting your plants' development. 

These platforms allow excess water to drain while elevating your plants safely out of the dirty runoff. Roots stay healthy and aerated, which leads to rapid growth and fuller yields. 


• Built to last and sturdy enough to support even the heaviest containers.
• Designed to keep roots clean, preventing mold and root rot
• Lightweight 
• Economical 


• Roots stay healthy for faster plant growth, high yields and great-tasting flowers.

15-inch Platform—Case of 25:
• 2" in height and 15" diameter
• Perfect for up to a 15-gallon container

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