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AC Infinity

Controller 63, Wireless Remote Fan Controller

Controller 63, Wireless Remote Fan Controller

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  • A fan controller designed to enable wireless speed control in AC Infinity fans for HVAC or growing.
  • Remotely adjusts fan speed using PWM controls to produce optimal airflow and manage fan noise.
  • 10-speed programming featuring white LED indicators and backup memory that retains speed settings.
  • Control many fans simultaneously when pairing the remote with additional receivers (sold separately).
  • Fits the following AC Infinity EC motor fans: CLOUDLINE, AIRLIFT, CLOUDWAY, and CLOUDLIFT Series.


A variable speed controller designed to replace and upgrade existing wired speed controllers to remotely adjust your AC Infinity fan. Each fan controller and receiver kit sets your fan speed using PWM technology (pulse width modulation) to optimally produce airflow and manage noise. It features 10-speed programming displayed with backlit white LED lighting in a circular array that progressively steps clockwise. Fan speed levels are retained using the onboard memory chip whenever power is shut off, resuming previous programming when your fan is reactivated. Please note only one receiver or wired controller may be used with each fan at a time, and cannot be used together.

Powered by two AAA batteries, the remote speed controller communicates with the receiver using 2.4 Ghz signal. Slide the three pins in both pieces of the remote kit to match their numbers and successfully pair them together. This will transform your blower unit into a wireless exhaust fan and enable fan speed adjustment from up to 65 feet away. Set speeds of many fans at the same time by connecting and pairing multiple receivers with a single remote controller. Additional receivers are sold separately.


Each wireless fan remote kit includes a dongle that enables use with AC Infinity fans built with UIS and Molex connectors. Compatible EC-motor cooling fans include:

  • CLOUDLINE Series - Inline Duct Fans
  • AIRLIFT Series - Shutter Exhaust Fans
  • CLOUDWAY Series - Whole House Fans
  • CLOUDLIFT Series - Floor Wall Fans
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