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Cow Cal 24 - Food Grade Calcium + Phosphorus

Cow Cal 24 - Food Grade Calcium + Phosphorus

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Made exclusively from Grass Fed Cattle from Denmark, this is the cleanest High Calcium and Phosphorous product we have ever found. 

Calcium is one of the MOST important elements and it's not always easily available. 

Product Overview:

  • 24%-29% Calcium
  • 8%-15% Phosphorous
  • 3-6% Protein with all Amino Acids
  • 1-2% Magnesium 

Cow Cal 24 is an innovative calcium supplement derived from milk whey. It contains 24% calcium and 8% Phosphorous, making it a potent and effective option for plant nutrition. This product is organically available to plants, ensuring efficient uptake and utilization.

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Composition and Benefits:

  • Cow Cal 24 boasts a calcium concentration significantly higher than standard steamed bone meal, providing a more plant-available form of this essential nutrient.
  • The formula has a neutral pH, which is crucial for maintaining soil health and ensuring optimal nutrient availability for plants.
  • Unlike Calcium Carbonate, Cow Cal 24 does not alter soil pH, making it a more balanced and versatile option for calcium supplementation.
  • NOTICE: We were able to bring in the only exclusive: 100% Grass Fed Version of this material for distribution into the USA from Denmark. 

Environmental and Health Advantages:

  • Our supplement is a food-grade ingredient, contrasting favorably with mined minerals in terms of bioavailability and ecological impact.
  • Cow Cal 24 is free from high levels of heavy metals, often a concern with other mineral sources, ensuring a safer option for both plants and the environment.

Use and Efficacy:

Cow Cal 24 is designed to synergize the roles of calcium and phosphorus in plant development. While calcium is vital for cellular structure and function, phosphorus is key for energy transfer. This supplement is especially beneficial in promoting robust plant growth, improving overall plant health, and enhancing resistance to environmental stress.


Suitable for a wide range of plant types, Cow Cal 24 can be used as a part of a regular feeding regimen or as a targeted supplement to address specific calcium deficiencies.


Drench: Update: Best results so far at 1 Teaspoon Per Gallon

NOTICE: Foliar Spray will leave white residue on leaves. Working on dose and mixture that does not leave residue. 

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