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North Spore

Dried Wild Mushrooms 28g

Dried Wild Mushrooms 28g

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North Spore dried wild mushrooms are wildcrafted and foraged from North American forests. Simply reconstitute dried mushrooms to add a kick of flavor to your recipes!

  • Dried Wild Porcini Mushrooms (28 grams): Porcini mushrooms are prized in Italian and French cuisine because they add an unmistakable meaty richness, earthy aroma, and big umami flavor to every dish.
  • Dried Wild Morel Mushrooms (14 grams): Morels are a culinary favorite due to their delicate, yet meaty texture. Harbingers of spring, they are often described as earthy, woodsy, and nutty with a hint of mild smokiness.
  • Dried Wild Lobster Mushrooms (28 grams): Lobster mushrooms are beloved for their dense texture and nutty, sweet smell reminiscent of steamed lobster. They are found in the autumn in New England and on the West Coast, usually from late summer through October.
  • Dried Wild Chanterelle Mushrooms (28 grams): Prized for their golden yellow color and subtle balance of apricot, black pepper, butter, and earth notes, chanterelles are surprisingly versatile. They blend well with a variety of foods including omelets, meat, fish, soups, sauces and pastas.
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