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Evocoir Open Top Coco Bags

Evocoir Open Top Coco Bags

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EVOCOIR P-O-T's (professional open top) are coco coir grow bags designed for professional growers or anyone wanting professional results. Our standard Platinum P-O-T utilizes a coir blend that is 30% chunk and 70% 16mm pith.

It was designed specifically for use with crops. The 30/70 blend combines excellent water retention, and superior drainage over the competitions standard 8 and 16mm coir products. Evocoir P-O-T's or coco coir grow bags ship to you compressed to maximize shipping and ease of setup. 

Just plug in your drippers to the pre-drilled top holes, or hydrate with your preferred method (top water, flood, etc.) and the coco coir grow bag will fully expand and be ready for use in just a few short minutes 

(Expansion time may vary depending on flow rate or amount of water being provided. Full expansion generally requires approx. 2.2 liters of water per 1 gallon bag, 4.4 liters for 2 gallon bag, and 6.6 liters for 3 gallon bag.)

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