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GreenGro Water Filter

GreenGro Water Filter

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REMOVES CHLORINE & HEAVY METALS: Carbon eliminates gasses, oils, debris, chemicals, and other volatile organic pollutants; Premium KDF prevents bacteria growth even when not in use; Makes water safe for kids, adults, pets, and plants PROTECTS YOUR PLANTS &

GARDEN: Eliminates aggressive chemicals that burn the roots of your plants, kill the microorganisms that help them absorb the greatest amount of nutrients; Helps maintain healthy living soil; Helps plants produce thriving fruits and veggies HEALTHIER &

CLEANING DRINKING WATER: Protects against fungus; Eliminates mold and water discoloration; Carbon eliminates odor and bad taste in drinking water; Soft and silky water feeling

BUILT TO LAST: Large capacity filtration; Withstands hard water flows and long sunlight periods; Easy installation, cleaning, and use; Made in USA; To expand lifetime, remove it before a freeze

MULTIPURPOSE FILTER: Fits any standard 5/8" water or garden hose; Great for RVs, hot tubs, boats, pools, spas, ponds, and campers.

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