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Grow Pros Solutions

Grow Pros Under Canopy Light

Grow Pros Under Canopy Light

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The Grow Pros Solutions 4′ under canopy grow lights are designed to provide supplemental light to the lower regions of plants in indoor cultivation environments by strategically placing them beneath the top canopy of plants to ensuring leaves and flowers below the canopy receive optimal light exposure by eliminating shady areas. Under Canopy Grow Lights benefits include uniform light distribution,  maximizes yield and denser flower.

  • Minimum order 2 Pcs (One Pack)
  • DLC Listed, eligible for rebate program from unity companies. Contact us for details>>
  • 4 ft ( 48″ ) 125w Light Bars 2 pcs  with 8ft Power Cord 1pc
  • Designed for enhancing plant growth and optimizing light availability to less exposed areas
  • Deploys a lens angle of 120 degrees, from a singular bar design
  • Built-in driver, slim profile
  • Improve overall quality specially B-bud structure, density, and coloring
  • Boosting 50% and Up (85%)
  • Utilizes deep and far red spectrum
  • Optimized Infrared + full spectrum proven for veg and flowering stages
  • Compact and lightweight, heavy duty components and quality
  • Easy to work around during harvest
  • Quick to uninstall between setting up and taking down runs
  • Power and data chaining through same connections, no extra components required
  • Accessories available: Under Canopy Grow Lights Stands and Inter-connect Cable *Sold Separately*


What’s in the box (Pack of 2)
2x 4ft Under Canopy Lights
1x 120V Power Cord (L-15P) with attached RJ12 Data Cable
Optional: 240V power cords are available for commercial orders

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