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Handy Pantry

Handy Pantry Sprouting 5 Part Salad Organic Seeds

Handy Pantry Sprouting 5 Part Salad Organic Seeds

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5-7 Days. Organic. High Germination. Sprouting. Without a doubt our most popular seed blend ever, our house signature Organic 5 Part Salad Mix boasts one of the most well-balanced flavor combinations available. Complete and complex, the non-GMO Organic 5 Part Salad Mix sprouting seeds offers the tame and mild flavors of alfalfa and mung, the verdant and healthy sulforaphane of broccoli sprouts, and a spicy finish from radish and green lentil seeds. Sprout Organic 5 Part Salad Mix as a delicious crunch for salads, sandwiches, and finger foods. Wholesale and bulk seeds. ~6,250 seeds/oz.


Growing Non-GMO Organic 5 Part Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds

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Organic 5 Part Sprouting Seeds

Easily our most popular sprouting mix, the 5 Part Salad Mix features a light, but hearty, medley of the most beloved sprouting seeds ever. None of these seeds have a particularly hard shell and should easily germinate with a 4-6 hour presoak. 5 Part Salad Mix consists of some smaller, thinner sprouts that thrive best in either a tray or jar. Although it includes the sometimes messy broccoli, 5 Part Salad Mix is clean, odorless, and well balanced.

How to Sprout Organic 5 Part Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds

5 Part Salad Mix is simple, low maintenance, and easily sprouts with just 2-3 daily rinses. Although broccoli's pungent odor may not be as apparent when sprouted in a mix, be sure to rinse thoroughly with cold water to rid sprouts of metabolic wastes, carbon dioxide, and Organic decay from germination. Alfalfa, broccoli, and radish all thrive and taste best when grown in the dark for about 4-5 days and then receive full light on about day 5-6. Experiment with 5 Part Salad Mix to see how much chlorophyll content you prefer in your salad sprouts.

  • Sprouting Tray: Sprouting trays conveniently stack on the kitchen counter, providing a wide and shallow all-in-one place for seeds to soak, rinse, drain, germinate, and grow. Except for true mucilaginous seeds like chia, flax, and arugula, sprouting trays are the preferred method for nearly every type of seed.
  • Sprouting Jar: Sprouting jars are the most popular and appealing method today for compact and portable 2-6 day sprouts. At home, work, or on the road, jars provide a decorative all-in-one place for seeds to soak, rinse, drain, germinate, and grow.

Harvesting Organic 5 Part Salad Mix Sprouts

Each one of these seeds are readily enjoyed within 5-7 days of soaking depending on preference of length, spice, and chlorophyll. Traces of radish and broccoli highlight this largely alfalfa-based blend with a mild hint of both lentil and mung. Harvesting by day 6-7 will develop a more pronounced radish flavor, whereas harvesting at 4-5 days will leave the radish not nearly as spicy and matured. The amount of sunlight exposure will affect flavor.

About The Organic 5 Part Salad Mix

Organic Alfalfa Sprouting Seeds: Medicago sativa, or more commonly known as alfalfa, is an ancient legume and one of the most diverse crops ever domesticated. Only recently though has non-GMO Organic alfalfa been celebrated as a beneficial cover crop legume, grown among commercial farms and home gardens for its ability to replenish depleted soils with atmospheric nitrogen, then tilled back into the soil as an all-natural and Organic "green manure" garden mulch. And even more recently has the alfalfa seed been elevated for worldwide human consumption. It may have taken millennia, but Organic alfalfa seeds have worked their way out of the farm and field and into many international gourmet delicacies.

Organic Broccoli Sprouting Seeds: Brassica oleracea var. italica. While being a popular vegetable crop grown for its healthy and tender flowering head, broccoli has also gained worldwide popularity over the past 20 years for its dense, abundant nutrition content known to contain 10-50x more sulforaphane, vitamins, amino acids, alkalines, and living enzymes than its fully matured counterpart. Sulforaphane-rich superfoods, such as Organic broccoli sprouts, have been found to help alleviate a number of maladies including chronic inflammation and cancer-causing free radicals.

Organic Radish Sprouting Seeds: Raphanus sativus. More commonly known as Daikon radish or even falsely "white carrot", is native to much of eastern Asia, but has since domesticated throughout most of the world. These root crops have become more popular as a cover crop within the last decade because of their ability to protect the soil from weeds while adding nutrients back to the soil. Daikon radish's hardy and solid roots are able to provide deep channels in the soil that enrich neighboring and subsequent crops.

Organic Mung Sprouting Seeds: Vigna radiata, simply known as mungbean, is also known throughout the world by a variety of names including "gram", "maash", and "moong". Domesticated to much of eastern Asia and the Indian subcontinent, the mung bean is a traditional staple used as both a sweet and savory component to entrees and desserts in Chinese, Filipino, and Indian cuisines. Organic mung bean seeds mature into a legume cover crop that makes an ideal seasonal cover crop and companion plant known to replenish depleted soils of essential nitrogen and weed suppression, while also being popularly mowed down and tilled back into the soil as an Organic and all-natural "green manure" to supplement spring soils ready for sowing.

Organic Green Lentil Sprouting Seeds: Lens culinaris, or more commonly known as green lentil, is one of the earliest domesticated crops ever and is still going. Although a delicious and widely grown sprouting seed, non-GMO Lens culinaris is a popular cover crop traditionally sown in the fall to replenish nitrogen content in garden soil while breaking up tough soils. Green lentil is cultivated for its firm roots known to help minimize garden erosion, improve soil tilth and structure, while bolstering weed suppression.

For more on sprouting, check out our Seed Sprouting FAQ from customers just like you!

Wholesale Non-GMO Organic 5 Part Salad Mix Sprouting Seeds Per Package:

  • 4 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 25,000 Seeds
  • 8 oz - Wholesale - Approximately 50,000 Seeds
  • 1 lb - Wholesale - Approximately 100,000 Seeds
  • 2.5 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 250,000 Seeds
  • 5 lb - Bulk Seeds - Approximately 500,000 Seeds
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