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Mother Earth

Mother Earth LiquiCraft Grow 4-3-3 1GAL/4

Mother Earth LiquiCraft Grow 4-3-3 1GAL/4

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Mother Earth LiquiCraft Grow is a premium foundational liquid plant fertilizer for vegetative plants, flowers and tomatoes. Give your garden the boost it needs, when it needs it most. Using this specially formulated nutrient keeps roots fat and happy during that crucial vegetative growth stage. Use Mother Earth LiquiCraft Grow 4-3-3 on any plant in soil, soilless mixes, and coco blends during the vegetative stage. This is the first of a two-part fertilizer system. After plants begin to bloom, switch to Mother Earth LiquiCraft Bloom to support flower and fruit growth. If growing in coco or low-calcium media, it is best to use in conjunction with a calcium supplement.

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