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Living Organic Soil - Malibu Compost

Living Organic Soil - Malibu Compost

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Living Organic Soil with Malibu Compost

  • Living Organic Soil with Malibu Compost
  • There is Approximately 7.5 Gallons of organic soil in each Cubic Foot Bag.  

BuildASoil’s Original Recipe with Biodynamic Malibu Compost! This water only mix was based on the famous Clackamas Coots recipe and it changed everything. After years of growing in this potting soil and hand making it for others, I founded to share the soil and its ingredients. Years afterward, we began to learn about soil testing and started to step out and make our own recipes. This original recipe of living organic soil with Malibu Compost is one of the world’s most famous potting soils and it has started numerous well-intentioned soil companies. We will continue to make it and the soil building kits based on it forever. 

View The Soil Analysis Here: Malibu Soil Report

Notice: If you're looking for our Living Organic Soil with Oly Mountain Fish Compost you will find it here: Living Organic Soil - Oly Mountain Fish Compost

1 Part Malibu Compost

1 Part Sphagnum Peat Moss 

2/3 Part Pumice

1/3 Part Rice Hulls

Now with 5% Pre-Charged Colorado Bio Char!!

Nutrients included in the soil: 

Acadian Kelp Meal @ 1/2 Cup per cubic foot

Crustacean Meal @ 1/2 cup per cubic foot

Brix Blend Basalt @ 2 Cups Per Cubic Foot

Gypsum Dust @ 1 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Oyster Flour @ 1 Cup Per Cubic Foot

Terviva Karanja Cake @ 1/2 Cup Per Cubic Foot

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