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Midwest Cordyceps Militaris Complete Grow Kit (16oz Jar)

Midwest Cordyceps Militaris Complete Grow Kit (16oz Jar)

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Our Cordyceps Militaris Grow Kit makes growing this popular mushroom extremely easy. Cordyceps requires a very specific medium to grow consisting of over 15 different ingredients. The only way to grow them is in jars. We have chosen a very nice clear 16oz jar so you can see all the detail of this fun, beneficial mushrooms! We have prepared the medium in the jar, all you have to do is inject the liquid culture syringe included and place it in a bright lit room at any normal temperature. (60-70 degrees)

Kit Includes:

  • Cordyceps Medium Prepared in a Premium 16oz Glass Jar
  • 5cc of liquid culture
  • 16G Syringe & Alcohol pads
  • Simple Instructions
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