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Silly Myco

Myco Boost Growth Accelerator

Myco Boost Growth Accelerator

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Looking to boost mycelial growth in your liquid culture and agar plates? Myco Boost Growth Accelerator from Silly Myco contains a variety of nutrient sources to help improve mycelial growth and can be easily incorporated into your agar or liquid culture recipe.

In mycology, where precision and consistency are paramount, selecting lab ingredients is a critical step in ensuring the quality and reproducibility of results. Silly Myco carefully curates their range of lab ingredients, meticulously selecting them to meet the exacting standards of mycologists and researchers. 

Myco Boost Growth Accelerator gives mycologists an added source of nutrients for improving mycelial growth speed and strength in their liquid culture and agar. This easy-to-use lab-grade mixture contains a proprietary blend of ingredients carefully selected to provide the correct balance of nutrients when added to existing agar and liquid culture formulations. Try it with your agar or liquid culture recipe to see the results!

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