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Myco Labs Co2 Detector & 6 in 1 Air Quality Meter

Myco Labs Co2 Detector & 6 in 1 Air Quality Meter

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he innovative Co2 air quality meter, compact and portable in design, is a game-changer for mushroom cultivators seeking to optimize their growing environment. Measuring a mere 9x7x3.4cm (3.5x2.8x1.3in), this CO2 meter effortlessly integrates into any space, be it a home setup or a professional mushroom farm. Its small size and built-in 120mAh lithium battery make it incredibly easy to carry and position, ensuring it doesn’t intrude on your growing area while providing essential environmental data.

Beyond CO2 monitoring, this 6-in-1 air quality monitor is a multifunctional powerhouse, capable of detecting and displaying TVOC, HCHO, PM2.5, temperature, and humidity. This comprehensive data collection is essential for creating and maintaining the perfect growing conditions for mushrooms, which are sensitive to various environmental factors. By providing real-time updates on these key parameters, the meter enables growers to make timely adjustments, ensuring the health and quality of their mushrooms. Whether it's in an office, home, gym, or specialized grow room, this air quality meter is an indispensable tool for anyone serious about cultivating mushrooms at a professional or hobbyist level.


Key Features:

  • Lithium Battery or USB-C Powered: Convenient and modern, ensuring compatibility with contemporary lab setups.
  • Accurate Co2 Detection: Extremely accurate Co2 detection in real time. 
  • Real-time Monitoring: Offers immediate feedback on 6 different gases and particulates
  • User-Friendly Interface: Six color-coded prompts provide easy understanding of air quality levels.


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