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Mycolabs 350W Mushroom Dehydrator With Adjustable Temperature Control

Mycolabs 350W Mushroom Dehydrator With Adjustable Temperature Control

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Introducing the Mycolabs Original Mushroom Dehydrator, finally a dehydrator designed specifically to enhance your mushroom drying process while preserving their flavor, taste, and potency. With this innovative dehydrator, you can enjoy the benefits of efficiently drying your mushrooms without compromising their quality.

Features & Includes:

  • 5 Extra Tall Trays - Spend less time cutting & dicing. Dry your mushrooms whole and preserve their natural size.
  • 350W Conductive heating element with SMART air circulation- 360 degree of circular air flow eliminates hot spots and dries effectively at 95°.
  • BPA Free & Dishwasher safe - Easy clean up and washing
  • Custom Molded Heavy Duty Solid polypropylene Trays- Features a top tray that is double the height for those giant mushrooms!
  • Easy adjustable temperature control knob from 95-165 degrees - Most mushrooms should be dried at 95°-106°, but this dehydrator can also be used for herbs, veggies, spices, jerky, and much more! 
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