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MycoSense Mushroom Research and Identification Guide With PSILO-QTEST

MycoSense Mushroom Research and Identification Guide With PSILO-QTEST

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Unlock the secrets of the mushroom world like never before with MycoSense Mushroom Research and Identification Guide with PSILO-QTEST. This comprehensive resource provides everything you need, from identifying diverse species to analyzing their unique properties. Explore the fascinating realm of mushrooms with confidence and depth.

What's in the box?

  •  The Miraculix™ PSILO-QTEST Kit: Test the presence and amount of psilocybin in mushrooms. (1 specimen Test Kit)
  •  Illustrated Mushroom Field Guide: Your detailed roadmap to the myriad species of mushrooms. Beautifully illustrated, thoroughly explained.
  •  Pocket Magnifying Glass with 15X & 5X: A handy tool for inspecting the finest details. Dual magnification for the perfect view.
  •  Sterile Swabs for Spore Collection: Essential for maintaining the purity of your samples. No cross-contamination, no worries.
  •  Simple Identification Guide & Tests: Easy-to-follow mushroom hunting guide with tests to help determine the type and properties of your finds.
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