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Nature's Solution

Nature's Solution Organic Mycorrhizae 4 oz

Nature's Solution Organic Mycorrhizae 4 oz

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Where Science and Nature Meet “Special Hydroponics Formula”
  • Use when planting and transplanting
  • May assist plants with the uptake of nutrients
  • For use in soil, soilless, and hydroponic growing

“Special Hydroponics Formula”
The mycorrhizal fungi may assist plants with the uptake of nutrients and water.

Directions for Use: Mix with water or Nature’s Solution Compost Tea, then spray on seeds, dip the root, or apply it directly in a planting hole – using the rate of one teaspoon for every one gallon of water. Or you can just put a few granules of the powder into every planting hole. Apply it for planting or transplanting. Or drill holes down by a plant when it is already established. Put the dry powdered product mixed with water or compost tea into each hole. For hydroponics use 2 teaspoons of mycorrhizal fungi for every 10 gallons of tank reservoir. Only apply, if necessary, after a plant is established. Use only as directed. Bag treats 10,890 sq. ft. (1,017 sq. meters), 0.6 oz./1,000 ft2.

Mycorrhizal Fungi (total of all species embedded in inert zeolite carrier) 5 Endomycorrhizal Species


Glomus mosseae
180.0 propagules/g Glomus

180.0 propagules/g Glomus

180.0 propagules/g Glomus

180.0 propagules/g Glomus

180.0 propagules/g

10.0% – Kelp Extract (Ascophyllum nodosum) – (microbe food)

Inert Ingredients: 89.00% – diatomaceous earth, zeolite, expanded clay

Store product in original container and keep in a cool dry area – below 100F. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear eye and skin protection when handling microbial inoculants. Persons with a compromised immune system should consult with their physician before handling microbial products.

This product has been specially formulated for use in hydroponics (water, soilless, or soil based media). It has 5 Unique Mycorrhizal Fungi species.

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