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ScynceLED Raging Kush 2.0

ScynceLED Raging Kush 2.0

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The RAGING kush 2.0 just changed the rules of the game. Never before has a grower had so much control. No matter what crop, style or strain, the kush 2.0 can morph into exactly what you need and deliver every single time! A light is nothing more than a tool of the trade. The best tools are able to be mastered and manipulated by the best growers to enhance their craft.

The kush 2.0 is the choice of craftsmen who need a high powered, spectrum adustable, waterproof, vertical grow light that delivers even PPFD onto and down into the canopy.

POWER: 650w
DIMENSIONS: 43.25” x 40.5” x 5.25”
SPECTRUM:  white (2700k and 6500k) and red (660 and 730nm)
SECONDARY OPTICS: Conic 120º (height over canopy is 6″ to 18″)


The Kush 2.0 is the first vertical flowering light to deliver full control over the spectrum without any loss of power. With up to 475 watts of any spectrum between 2700k and 6500k (warm to cool), you control what type of white light gets delivered to your plants. The red/far-red channel provides 175 watts of energy that can be evenly split, shifted to either 660nm or 730nm or completely turned off. The Kush 2.0 produces 650 watts of customizable plant growing photonic power.



Our tried and true Conic 120 optic allows plants to see equal intensity light from all angles (similar to sunlight), prevents hot/burned spots and results in a larger growing surface with more density below the canopy. Specifically designed for vertical racking and low ceiling applications, the Conic 120 let’s the Kush 2.0 hang from 6″ to 18″ over the canopy while delivering the same light intensity.

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