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Ready to Grow Gourmet Mushroom Kit (5lbs)

Ready to Grow Gourmet Mushroom Kit (5lbs)

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Our " Ready to Grow" kits sold in our retail store are now available online! Midwest Organics ready to grow Kits are the easy way to enjoy delicious mushrooms and their health benefits. Our 5 pound grow kits use a proprietary mix of hardwood & grain spawn. Using only first generation mycelium, our colonized bags produce around 2.5-3 pounds of mushrooms. Easy to use, just cut and mist or place the bag in a clear tote along with a small amount of water and mist daily. These kits also do great in our Ecosphere systems!


  • 5 pound colonized spawn bag of your choice
  • Ultra-fine pump mister
  • We provide easy detailed instructions for each variety, with two different growing methods.
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