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Safer Gro

SaferGro Mildew Cure Quart (12/Cs)

SaferGro Mildew Cure Quart (12/Cs)

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Mildew Cure® is a natural, organic fungicide that provides good control of powdery mildew on various crops and ornamentals. A powdery mildew fungus is an obligatory parasite and thus requires a living plant host. Powdery mildew colonies quickly render a flowery potted plant undesirable. Powdery mildew infects a wide range of plants and is often found on ornamentals, vegetables and fruit crops. Mildew Cure® is derived from garlic extracts and other essential oils; these active ingredients are food-grade materials. It has no residue tolerance limits for any food crops, including fruits and berries.

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