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Turboganic Super-Concentrate

Turboganic Super-Concentrate

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Turboganic My Garden is in my estimation my most powerful formulation to date.

A proprietary blend of super-concentrated, organic, non-toxic, naturally-occurring, 100% complete plant nutrients – Turboganic My Garden is a quantum leap over traditional “fertilizers” or any other packaged plant foods. (I don’t even like to use the word “fertilizer” because it is so inadequate when comparing the two.) 

Here’s why Turboganic My Garden is so totally exceptional: Over 95% of this unique nutrient formula is bio-available and bio-absorbable to botanical life - enlivening every single plant cell and their subsequent stages of development.

Everything from seed germination and sprouting, to growing, to blooming, to harvesting – all are incredibly, almost insanely enhanced - regardless of the type of plant or tree being grown!

1 Quart Turboganic My Garden Super-Concentrate Plant Food Makes Economical 25 Gallons of Complete Organic, Ready-To-Use Plant Nutrient Good For The ENTIRE GROWING SEASON.

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