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VidaWool Block 64

VidaWool Block 64

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As plants enter their second stage of growth, VidaWool blocks provide the space and uniform water and nutrient distribution they need to continue thriving. Equipped with a UV-protection liner and Hydro-Xtend water dispersion technology, VidaWool blocks are intelligently designed to deliver healthy, even root zones and consistent crop performance. Mineral wool growing media helps to give more steerability to the grower and eliminates the messy, time-consuming processes of other growing media, like filling pots and mixing materials.

VidaWool blocks are ideal for cultivation enterprises looking for reliable, repeatable, and efficient growing media solutions. VidaWool blocks, starter plugs, and slabs are designed to work as a system, for quick transplantation between growth stages that reduces error and guesswork.

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