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WDG3000 Extra Strength BTI - Fungus Gnat Eliminator

WDG3000 Extra Strength BTI - Fungus Gnat Eliminator

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🍃Fungus Gnats? Eliminate Them!🚫

This all natural product works!

🤝 Partnering with Becker Microbial, we're thrilled to offer a potent solution against fungus gnats - a small package of highly concentrated BTI 🧬 in Kaolin Clay carrier! 🌿

🏷️ Becker is the pioneer, and this product is now offered in small 8 ounce bag

💡 WDG3000 means Water Dispersible Granules, utilized at 3000 ITU/mg. 

🔬 ITU stands for International Toxin Units. While mosquito products are labeled down to 200 ITU/mg, our product targets a 3000 ITU/mg concentration for maximum efficiency against gnat larvae! 🎯

👉 Use 7.5 Grams per gallon of water to achieve an effective rate against gnat larvae. After eliminating gnats, reduce to 1.8 gram per gallon for prevention. 🛡️

🔍 When comparing to other brands of BTI you will discover 4 "Strains" of BTI with different names - all leading back to the original strain discovered by Becker Microbial. This was proven with DNA sequencing 🧪

✨ This means direct access to the original, potent source, ensuring you use the proper ITU rate with this premium concentrate. 🥇

📊 Our product is 43% BTI and 57% Kaolin Clay.

🌱 Directions For Potting Soil: 📝

🔎 Light Infestation: Use 1.8 Grams per gallon of water.

(1/2 lb bag will make more than 126 Gallons)

🚨 Heavy Infestation: Use 7.5 Grams per gallon of water.

(1/2 lb bag will make more than 30 Gallons of liquid super concentrate)

🔄 In full-blown infestations, apply at least 3 times per week for 1 week, then once per week until eradication. Afterwards, reduce to the lowest level or discontinue use. 📉


🌼 After the cycle, don't forget to re-inoculate with a balanced microbial product like Rootwise Mycrobe Complete for soil health. 🌺

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